Unlock the Full Potential of Advanced Battery Research and Production

This state-of-the-art solution ensures stable and precise process conditions, covering every step from material preparation to cell assembly and testing.

The result? Increased efficiency and longer lifetimes for your battery cells, all while reducing the costs of production.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are plagued by issues caused by moisture and particles that react with active materials, resulting in decreased cell properties and shortened lifespans. In addition, cell structures degrade when exposed to oxygen and nitrogen before sealing.

Our core technology is specifically designed to improve cell production quality while reducing costs by enclosing only the process area. This ensures cleaner, controlled working environments that are ideal for both R&D and cell production.

With MBRAUN’s glovebox clusters, you can prove the quality of your battery cells and reduce process costs, all while unlocking a new level of advanced battery research and production.